Friday, February 18, 2011

a tree for Emme

Emme's family tree
I'm slightly obsessed with family trees.  Every time I see one I get excited, but for all my excitement I actually don't have one in my house.  Martha Stewart (I seem to reference her a lot don't I?) dedicated an entire article in Living to them a few months ago.  I particularly liked this "Birds of a Feather" version. 
image from Martha Stewart
I even went so far as printing out the template which used up over 60 sheets of paper.  Unfortunately, I have a commitment issue and can't decide where I'd want to put it (though as I write this I know it would be perfect at the top landing of the stairs).

For all my indecisiveness, I did put together an informal, yet whimsical, one for my sweet Emme.  I wanted to incorporate some sort of branches into her room but wasn't quite sure what to do.  As luck would have it we found a great branch laying on the snow in the front yard (Elliot graciously climbed the 4 foot snow bank to retrieve it for me.)

It ended up being a little too large for the space I had originally had in mind, but it fit perfectly in the space by her bedroom door.

I printed family photos on white card stock and then mounted them onto a heavier pink card stock. I strung the photos using thin green, blue and yellow ribbons.  Then I made flowers out of pink and white tissue paper to liven up the branch (directions here).

I still have a few more photos to add and I'd love to make these crepe paper birds when I have the chance, but I love how it came out. I debated it spray painting the branch white but I like how the dark wood contrasts with the lighter wall color.
Bird's Nest with Branches
image from Martha Stewart

PS- I wrote this post yesterday and today Ohdeedoh just posted an article about Martha Stewart's family tree.  Maybe I should become a trend spotter or something.

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  1. Hi Karen,
    I really like your tree better. If you would like a big tree though, why don't you do it a bit smaller and put it in a picture frame so you can move it.This way there is no commitment issue. On my face book I have a family tree i did for my mother for mothers days.Thanks for all your beautiful ideas.

  2. putting it in a picture frame is a great idea! thanks- it was a lot of fun to make.