Sunday, January 9, 2011

ideas for the kids rooms

The Pottery Barn Kids catalog came in the mail yesterday.  All the bright colors make me pine for spring.  (Unfortunately, as I write this there's about 5 inches of snow on the ground.)

Thumbing through the catalog always makes my mind spin with possibilities on what I can do in the kids rooms.  I wouldn't consider either of their rooms complete. Both kids still need some art on the walls; Emme needs a bookshelf, curtains, and an area rug; and Elliot could use some shelves and hooks.

Modern Children's Art Print - Airplane
I've been coveting these transportation art prints from oodles of color on Etsy for Elliot's room for awhile now.  They sell for $50 for a set of three (mat not included) which is just a bit more than I'm willing to part with.  When looking at these I think- couldn't I make them myself? Don't you think a little boy who just adores anything that moves would love these?

Madison 3-Shelf Bookrack
I've been seeing these bookracks everywhere lately (this is Madison version is sold by PBKids for $99).  They make perfect sense since it's hard to remember what books you have when they're all stacked on bookshelves or piled in baskets.  I've been thinking of focusing on certain subjects with Elliot each month and this would be a perfect way to keep the books we're reading on display.  I wonder if I could get Jeff to make one of these for me.

Airplane Shelf Truck Shelf
How cute are these plane and truck shelves!  It's hard for me to buy things that I won't be able to repurpose once the kids get older, but if I had an extra few hundred dollars to burn I'd buy Elliot one of these (probably the plane).

Printed Ribbon Board
This printed ribbon board is too cute (PBKids) though $99 seems a little pricey.  It's not something I think fits into Emme's room right now but this is something I'd love to make for her in a few years.

Butterfly Stick-On DecorButterfly Stick-On Decor
How cute are these butterfly decals!  A set of 9 is only $19 dollars at PBKids which seems pretty reasonable.  I probably couldn't buy the fabric to make them for much cheaper (I don't yet have a stash of fabric remnants).  I think they'd be just as cute made into a headband or hair clip.

Pink Paper Butterfly Mobile
This butterfly mobile (PBKids) is adorable (can you tell I have a thing for butterfly's right now?).  I'm not really a mobile girl but I can totally see this as a few long strands in the corner of a room or hung like garland across the ceiling.  This retails for $59 which boggles my mind because you could make it yourself SO much cheaper.

I've yet to find curtains or a rug I like for Emme which is why her room is a little bare right now. I really need to find or make her some curtains.  Heavy drapes are so nice to have in the winter because they keep those drafts out and keep the room toasty. I want a curtain that is just barely pink, but I guess most people think that girls pink should be extremely pink.  Maybe I can find something when I go to JoAnn Fabrics later this week.

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  1. Love the butterfly theme, Anna has them in her room, these ideas are great!