Wednesday, March 16, 2011


The April magazine issues are starting to fill up my mailbox and with them beautiful pictures of blown and dyed eggs.  There seem to be endless ways to decorate the simple egg. Martha Stewart alone has a slideshow of 62 different ideas. Here are some of my favorite...

How cute are these ideas to make with kids!

While I don't enjoy blowing eggs, I do love that they last for years.  Every year I blow and decorate a few more so my stash continues to grow and grow.

This year I'm planning on making a garland out of brown and white eggs.  I'm going for a more monochromatic mantel with pops of green and I think the natural eggs will look perfect.  In the past I've had a "Happy Easter" garland made out of eggs that I dyed and sketched letters on hanging on the mantel.  Over the years the eggs have gotten a little chipped and cracked so I decided that it was time to retire the garland.

Of course, when you blow all those eggs you end up with a lot of, well, egg left over.  My favorite thing to make with the eggs is frittata.  Frittata is probably one of my favorite meals, though I don't make it as often as I should.  Frittata is as good as quiche but so much easier and quicker to make because you don't have to deal with the crust (which you don't even miss).

Search the internet and you'll come up with thousands of frittata recipes, but the great thing about frittata is that you can throw in whatever you have in your fridge.  Tonight we made a frittata with sausage, red pepper, zucchini, leek, red onion, ricotta and mozzarella cheese.  It was delicious.

Once summer comes I'll post my all time favorite frittata recipe.  I'd share now but none of the veggies are in season so it wouldn't taste nearly as good as it will come summer time.


  1. Oh my gosh, that lady bug egg is just too adorable!

  2. i'm anxiously awaiting the frittata recipe :)
    You haven't steered me wrong yet!