Tuesday, January 4, 2011

a new beginning

It is impossible for me to resist the siren’s call of the new year and those “resolutions.”  I find it humorous when people say they don’t make resolutions but then follow up with a list of goals, improvements or whatever other word they choose to interchange with “resolution.”
So here’s my list of resolutions.  Since a year is so long these are subject to change as life changes, but for now these are my dreams in no particular order..
  • read with my children every day/ night: our shelves are overflowing with books.  I really need to impart my love of reading to the E’s while they are still impressionable.
  • learn how to make yeasted bread
  • make marmalade: for some reason I’ve always had an aversion to marmalade.  I’m not sure how this came about since I don’t think I’ve ever even tasted it, but what could be wrong with sugar and citrus fruit?
  • make ricotta cheese: that fresh pasta we are now making (thanks to a new pasta machine from the in-laws for Christmas) needs some fresh ricotta to go with it
  • make mozzarella cheese: once again the fresh pasta, and all those heirloom tomatoes from my garden this summer, beckon
  • start composting: if I have a garden I really should have a compost pile
  • really get to know my Lord and Savior, my Father, my friend
  • volunteer my time and talents: I need to start giving more of myself to others so I’m not so obsessed with- well, myself
  • reduce my plastic consumption (or at least be more aware of what my family is using/ consuming)
  • institute family game night: make some time to just stop and play
  • have a family Saturday once a month: life gets so busy we need to make sure to make time to just relax, explore, play, discover and enjoy each other without details getting in the way
  • hang out with girl friends more often for both my, and my husbands, sanity
  • learn to let go of things, details, ideas that aren’t important
  • grow one new vegetable that I've never eaten before
  • try a new craft every month
  • start an etsy shop
  • catch up on my photo albums (I’m only two years behind) and order them
  • catch up on the kids and family scrapbooks (only a year behind here so that’s not too bad)
  • blog regularly
Yes, this list is somewhat lengthy but some of these goals will stretch far beyond this year.  It’s really a list of my dreams and what I’d love to do if I had enough time in a year to do everything that comes into my silly little brain.

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