Thursday, February 3, 2011

love is all you need

Valentine's Day cards ready to mail

Every year I make Valentine's Day cards for my family.  It's something I like to do for several reasons.  The first, I LOVE my family and I like to take every opportunity I can to let them know.  The second is that I just love making things, especially cards.  There's just something so relaxing about it. 

For this years cards I used plain red card stock and pages from an old book and dictionary.  I used punches to punch hearts out of the book pages and then used those to make a bunch of different designs on the cards.  I also printed a little saying on the inside of the card too.

Here's an example of one of this years cards (I can't share more because then it wouldn't really be a surprise for the family).

Last year I used a card in a different shade of red and used pure white card stock to make the hearts.

Do you make Valentine's cards for family or friends?

If you want an easy DIY Valentine card check out these cute printable ones from Jones Design Company.

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