Monday, September 6, 2010

Flour Bakery

This weekend we took a quick family trip to Boston.  Since me and my man are relatively good cooks we've been having a harder and harder time finding restaurants that serve food that 1) we actually like and 2) we don't feel like we could make better ourselves.  Sod I'm counting on my favorite foodie stations to like the Food Network and the Travel Channel to come through for me.  Boston had a fair representation from each site.  Some of the offerings were not places I'd want to go with children (more like our next weekend getaway for two) but there were a few that stood out.

Flour Bakery was featured on multiple Food Network's shows. It's also has a long list of write-ups in local and national newspapers that you can check out on its website.  I hate to be "shallow" but I really do first judge a restaurant by it's name and signage.  If a person is creative enough to pick a great name and design a fabulous sign than you know their food is going to be great because 1) they're smart enough to hire a great marketer or 2) they're just that talented.

Flour Bakery is a great name and it's signage/ logo is clever too.  Built into the corner of a warehouse the store is spacious and chic.  The chalkboard menu board was crowded with so many offerings it was hard to make a choice.  We ended up ordering a peach ginger muffin, a spinach, zucchini and feta quiche and one of their famous sticky, sticky buns.  It was all delicious.  Jeff even decided that we couldn't go home without buying a few extra sticky buns for breakfast the next morning.  If you're even in the Boston Metro area it's definitely worth the stop.

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